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I was going through some rather nostalgic moments today, focusing mostly on my childhood memories and the time I have spent with my grandparents. It is my grandfather, to whom I owe most of what has become of me. Among other things, he has taught me to love books. I often like to remind myself of one of his sayings:

All the knowledge of the world is hidden within books.

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we are not all equal

I was just walking outside today, wondering about stuff as usual, when an interesting idea came to my mind. Or perhaps it was an interesting memory I remembered.

I was thinking about my early years in school, long time ago. I was thinking about how I was taught Mathematics and what could have gone better. And I remembered one thing: We were all considered to be equal. Now, I realize I risk sounding too condescending, but that’s one thing I strongly disagree with.

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Over the course of the last semester I have embarked on personally tutoring Mathematics. Both to get a good feeling about myself improving general mathematical literacy and to earn a little money to support my student’s life. I set up a separate e-mail account, posted some free online advertisements and there I went.

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Bubbles are indeed an interesting thing to look at. I remember that in my early years, when I was yet a little kid, I loved playing with bubble blowers and just watching them dance around in the air, play their beautiful symphony of colours and then disappear, escorted with a quiet popping sound and sometimes leaving a small wet spot behind.

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