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You can never know enough to stop learning.

A credo I am trying to follow in my life. My convergence point. The bright side of my existence.

My name is Brodzko and I was born not so long ago in a small country called Slovakia, in Central Europe. This is where I was raised, where I’ve been through my first accomplishments, where I have first failed myself. That’s why, regardless of what may come, this is my homeland.

I am however currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic, where I’m working on my studies. I am aproud student of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, where I’m exploring the beauty of Mathematics.

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I’m no genius – rather an ordinary apprentice – but I love what I do. I love recognizing the patterns, seeing the inner beauty that Mathematics has to offer. I love the strict, rigorous structure. And I find great pleasure in showing all this to others who may be interested.

After spending some time among freshmen in here, remembering the situation around mathematical education on our high schools and months of experience with personal tutoring, I have found a bit of a meaning of my existence:

To support the interest in education, namely mathematical. To help those who display any kind of interest make it through. And perhaps, if all goes well, to fire a flame of passion in those who might have unused potential.

My long-term plans are not yet clear. What you will find on this blog may change over time. For now though, I’m planning to share some of my knowledge I find useful, some ideas I think are worth exploring, and some of my experiences providing insight into who I am and what I do. And although I’m generally focusing on Mathematics, I am also a thinker, and I’d love to share some of my non-mathematical ideas as well :-).

Over time, you might learn something more about me. Until then, should you have any questions, you can ask me here. I will do my best to answer all the meaningful ones.

Also, keep leaving comments behind! I’m open to constructive criticism, but more importantly, to new opinions and ideas to explore! May we have a lot of interesting discussions. Enjoy your stay!


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